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Clyton Informations

Publisher's Description:

From Gammadyne Corporation

Clyton is an email client with advanced security and spam filtering features.

Clyton is an email client with advanced security and spam filtering features. The spam filter is highly configurable and supports DNS blacklist checking (DNSBL). Expect 85% of spam to be eliminated with the default configuration. Email that is suspicious but not obviously spam can be quarantined for 24 hours and then retested. The built-in address book supports personalized mass-mailings. Received email cannot run scripts, download multimedia, or use embedded objects without the user\'s approval. Other features include encrypted storage, whitelisting, powerful HTML editor, attachment viewer, message drag and drop, custom message templates, SSL encryption, and much more.

Security is Clyton\'s top priority. We\'ve worked tirelessly to make Clyton the most secure email client available.

Connection Security
* Connections to the mail server can be secured with SSL/TLS encryption. This prevents an eavesdropper from reading your mail.
* Mail server passwords are verified using the CRAM-MD5 method, which is able to confirm the password without ever transmitting it. This prevents an eavesdropper from intercepting the password.
* Supports DomainKeys and DKIM signing and verification. This ensures that an email has not been tampered with, and that the sender has not been forged.

Internal Security
* All passwords are internally stored with encryption to ensure that they cannot be exposed, even to a user with admin rights.
* Stored messages can be encrypted to prevent them from being read by programs or persons who have access to the file system.
* Mailboxes can be password protected. This prevents mail from being read or composed even if physical access to the computer is compromised.
* Sensitive messages can be shredded in such a way that no forensic recovery is possible.

Virus Security
* Until permitted, HTML email is restricted from running scripts, loading embedded objects, and downloading media. Malware cannot infect the computer simply by viewing an email.
* The Address Book is encrypted to prevent malware from spreading to your contacts.
* The user is warned before opening dangerous attachments.
* Clyton is compatible with third-party anti-virus email scanners.

Spam Filter
Clyton\'s spam filter is second to none. Expect 85% of spam to be eliminated with the default configuration. Using \"fuzzy logic\" techniques, email is not considered spam unless the penalties exceed an adjustable threshold. By increasing the sensitivity, even higher detection rates can be achieved.

* DNSBL blacklist testing is fully supported. Spamhaus is the recommended blacklist, as it is very high quality and well maintained.
* Email that is suspicious but not obviously spam is quarantined for 24 hours, then retested. This greatly improves the effectiveness of blacklisting because it prevents spam from slipping through before the blacklist



Restriction :

* The Mass Mail tool is disabled.
* The Search All tool is disabled.
* The Incoming Script is disabled.
* The Encrypt Stored Email feature is disabled.
* The Lock Mailbox feature is disabled.
* SSL/TLS encr

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