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Capture .NET Free Informations

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From fish

An exquisite, powerful and multifunctional desktop utility including various tools.

All-In-One/Multlanguage/Portable - An exquisite, powerful and multifunctional desktop utility. Includes many helpful tools: Capture screen/Capture color/Screen ruler/Font Manager/Windows Spy/Privacy eraser/Converter/BackupExpert/Alarm Clock/Post It/Screen Calender/World Clock/System Tweak... and much more.
A standalone tool that does not require installation.


- Upd: support for the latest Internet Explorer 9 to rewrite the relevant treatment, including page scrolling interception (to support the vertical and horizontal) / URL input intercept / instance of the interception (3915)
- Add: rewritten (in the scrolling window Interception Capture Scrolling Window) function: support more scrolling window handle (support vertical), such as: IE / Firefox / Chrome / Opera ... and some applications and standard scrolling control ( 3904)
- Upd: Update function to download YouTube video: 1. Changes dealing with the YouTube website, 2. To increase an exception when the download fails (3861), 3. File name decoding (3875)
- Fix: Revision and update the website with the URL interception (Capture Webpage) Perfect output state better:
1. To solve Scroll Bar scroll in different states deal with the problem, 2. Right-To-Left support for content interception (3845)
3. To amend page interception [Menu cite show] does not support non-English (IE instances) issue, 4. To amend the interception at the time of dealing with the problem of non-synchronous loading (3845)
5. Correction in image editing within the Web page interception menu (IE instances) did not update with, 6. Other contains many updates and improvements (3845)
Image editing (Image Editor)
- Upd: updated text editor: 1. Support FontStyle with the Color property is set, 2. Beautification of text output display, 3. Integrated input and set the treatment (3875)
- Upd: 1. Update drawing tools gradient processing, 2. Combined image sent to the scrap processing (Copy to Clipboard (EMF / BMP)) (3875)
Backup Expert (Backup Expert)
- Upd: [mail file and mail settings] backup and restore support for Office Outlook 2010 and the subsequent version (3915)
- Fix: Fix the Office Outlook tweaks registry value does not exist, except when the issue opens (3915)
The main program (Main)
- Upd: optimizing the efficiency of the visual interface display, in addition to the main interface to change the title of general dynamic text display processing to avoid affecting the performance (3875)
- Add: Added Portuguese (Brazil) Interface Language Portuguese (Brazil) language (contributed by Larissa Surano) (3861)
- Add: Added Danish interface language Danish language (contributed by Peter Dragonetti) (3845)
- Upd: correction of transparency can not be set to 100% of the problem (3845)
System optimization (Tweaker) (#)
- Upd: Tweak / Services: increase Enable / Disable Windows Search and Windows Audio Endpoint Builder service settings (3915)
- Upd: updated IE Restore repair (Restore Hijack IE): increase the Start Page Redirect Cache settings with InPrivate Website reduction (IE8 / 9) (3915)
- Add: increase Reset the licensing status of the Windows and Office licensing reset (3904)
System message notification (System Notifier) (#)
- Upd: Update CPU Processor individual usage of the increase to 8, if the ratio exceeds the general way to show (3915)
- Upd: join the Performance Monitor right-click menu options (not supported by the operating system will not be displayed) (3915)
Privacy Clear (Privacy Eraser) (#)
- Upd: updated IE History Disposal: Add Reopen Last Browsing Session History Clear (3904)
Font browsing (Font Viewer) (#)
- Upd: Update Properties property page: Add MS font properties provided the official web site, providing a more complete font instructions (3845)


.Net Framework 1.1

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