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BabelPad Informations

Publisher's Description:

From Andrew West

Unicode Text Editor for Windows, offers rendering for complex scripts and facilitates multi-script text editing.

BabelPad is a free Unicode text editor for Windows that supports the proper rendering of most complex scripts, and allows you to assign different fonts to different scripts in order to facilitate multi-script text editing.

User Interface
* Swap between Edit Mode and Browser Mode :
o Edit Mode allows documents of any size to be edited in plain text format.
o Browser Mode allows the current document to be viewed in an Internet Explorer browser window.

* The user interface menus and other text elements may be displayed in any of the following languages :
o English
o Chinese (simplified)
o Chinese (traditional)

* Multiple instances of BabelPad may be tiled (horizontally, vertically or patchwork), cascaded, minimized, maximized, restored or closed from the "Window" menu of any of the BabelPad windows.

File Features
* Open files encoded as :
o Unicode : UTF-8
o Unicode : UTF-16 (Big Endian or Little Endian)
o Unicode : UTF-32 (Big Endian or Little Endian)
o Unicode : UTF-7
o Unicode : CESU-8
o Unicode 1.0 : UCS-2
o Unicode 1.1 : UCS-2
o Unicode 1.1 : UTF-7
o ISO-8859-1 (Latin1) : Western European
o ISO-8859-2 (Latin2) : Non-Cyrillic Central European
o ISO-8859-3 (Latin3) : Esperanto, Galician, Maltese, Turkish
o ISO-8859-4 (Latin4) : Baltic Rim
o ISO-8859-5 (Cyrillic)
o ISO-8859-6 (Arabic)
o ISO-8859-7 (Greek)
o ISO-8859-8 (Hebrew)
o ISO-8859-9 (Latin5) : Improved Turkish
o ISO-8859-10 (Latin6) : Inuit, Lappish
o ISO-8859-11 (Thai)
o ISO-8859-13 (Latin7) : Improved Baltic Rim
o ISO-8859-14 (Latin8) : Celtic
o ISO-8859-15 (Latin9, a.k.a. Latin0) : Improved Western European
o ISO-8859-16 (Latin10) : South-Eastern European
o Windows CP 874 (Thai)
o Windows CP 932 (extension of Shift-JIS) : Japanese
o Windows CP 936 (extension of GB2312) : Simplified Chinese
o Windows CP 949 (Unified Hangul Code) : Korean
o Windows CP 950 (extension of Big5) : Traditional Chinese
o Windows CP 1133 (Lao)
o Windows CP 1250 (East European)
o Windows CP 1251 (Cyrillic)
o Windows CP 1252 (West European)
o Windows CP 1253 (Greek)
o Windows CP 1254 (Turkish)
o Windows CP 1255 (Hebrew)
o Windows CP 1256 (Arabic)
o Windows CP 1257 (Baltic)
o Windows CP 1258 (Vietnamese)
o EUC-JA (Japanese)
o EUC-KR (Korean)
o GB18030 (Extended Chinese) : Unicode-mapped superset of GB2312
o GB2312 (Simplified Chinese)
o Big5 (Traditional Chinese)
o Big5-HKSCS (Big5 plus Hong Kong Supplementary Character Set)
o Shift-JIS (Japanese)
o JIS X 0201 (Latin plus Katakana)
o JIS X 0208 (Japanese)
o KSC 5601 (KS X 1001) (Korean)
o Wansung (Korean)
o Johab (Korean)
o KOI8-R (Russian)
o KOI8-U (Ukranian)
o ARMSCII-8 (Armenian)
o VISCII (Vietnamese)
o VIQR (Vietnamese Quoted Readable)
o TIS-620 (Thai)
o Mulelao-1 (Lao)
o TSCII (Tamil)
o TAM (Tamil Monolingual)
o TAB (Tamil

Restriction :

* Horizontal scroll is fixed width, and so some extremely long lines may be truncated when not in Line Wrap mode.
* When in Line Wrap mode, it is not possible to scroll into view the trailing part of a line that is so long that it does not completely

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