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Automation Anywhere Informations

Publisher's Description:

From Tethys Solutions, LLC

Automate, schedule, and manage complex IT tasks and business processes.

- Unique SMART Automation Technology® for fast automation of complex tasks. No programming required.
- Record keyboard & mouse or use point & click wizards to create automated tasks in minutes.
- Task to SMART Exe capability to easily distribute task on other computers (Premier & Enterprise License only)
- Web Recorder & Web data extraction
- Powerful task scheduling & auto login capability to run scheduled task even when computer is locked.

300+ actions like Internet, conditional, loop, prompt, file management, database & system. Great features like faster speeds, automatic email notifications, task chaining, hotkey, variables & logging, etcAutomation Anywhere is an intelligent automation software for IT & business processes. Automate & schedule complex tasks in minutes, without any programming. Record keyboard & mouse or create automation scripts with drag and drop actions. Features SMART Automation Technology(TM), scheduler, repeat options, web recorder, variable & debugging support, task-chaining, conditional, file, system, database & Internet commands, single click web data extraction & web mining, Turbo-speed, IE plug-in & more.

Automation Anywhere Enterprise version includes features


New Features & Enhancements:
- Added functionalities of Undo/Redo in the task editor. Now you can undo/redo last 5 changes in the editor.
- Enhanced String Operations command which now includes variety of functions like Sub String, Replace, Join, etc. to manipulate the data.
- Added a functionality of Find-Replace in Excel.
- Enhanced Get Cells command of Excel with a newly added option Get All Cells to loop through all the active cells of the spreadsheet.
- Added two new system variables Excel Cell Row and Excel Cell Column to find out the address of the cell in use.
- Now declaring of an If block just got easier. Just select multiple consecutive commands from the editor, right click and select Insert If Condition.
- Now you can run the task from a specific command by right-clicking on the selected command and selecting Run from this Step option.
- Added a new functionality for Loop Condition where now the condition can be evaluated at the end of the loop instead of at the beginning.
- Enhanced Run Stored Procedure command with an ability to send parameters while calling the procedure. Also, now the output of the procedure can be saved in the CSV file.
- Enhanced Web Recorder that will support multiple value selection in a listbox while recording.
- Added ability to change the column positions of the CSV file while using pattern based web data extraction functionality.
- Added support for wildcards at the beginning of the filename for the commands FTP/SFTP.
- Added support for timeout in the Extract Data and Extract Table command of Web Recorder.
- Added a variable support for the script path in the Run Script command.
- Added functionality of creating a new folder while saving a task.
- Enhanced Task-to-Exe feature where Run Script can have the non-existent script path.
- Now when you capture a Menu using Object Recorder or Manage Windows Control, all menu items are shown which makes it very easy to use.
- Enhanced Web Recorder with added support for nested child frame support.
- Enhanced SMART automation logic for Web Recorder which now supports searching of a control in all the IE windows opened by the application.
- Enhanced Debug mode which is faster and supports nested loops with any number of iterations.

Bug Fixes:
- When the application path is changed to be on a network drive and the drive gets disconnected, Automation Anywhere could not start. Fixed.
- Run Task command with variables as parameters was not working properly when the task is converted to an executable. Fixed.
- $Filename$ system variable could not be referenced in case of a nested loop using Loop for each file in Folder command. Fixed.
- In 2008, the HTML option of the Send Email command did not offer variable support. Fixed.
- In certain cases, GDI objects were getting leaked. Fixed.

Restriction :

50 uses

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