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AllWebMenus Pro Informations

Publisher's Description:

From Likno Software

DHTML menu, Javascript menu and CSS menu builder that requires no programming!

AllWebMenus is a DHTML menu/JavaScript menu builder for web navigation that requires absolutely no DHTML or JavaScript experience. It creates any cross-browser, popup or drop-down web menu that works alike in all browsers supporting DHTML held by all popular platforms (Win, MAC, Unix) and browsers (IE, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, etc.).

DHTML/JavaScript menus are designed with a treelike approach. Tailor your menus by using the interface or by choosing from stylish themes from the Theme Gallery. They can fully customize menus through plenty of available CSS properties, AJAX effects, slide menus and more. The menu can be either vertical or horizontal (pop-up or drop-down menu), it can be movable, stay visible while scrolling, contain static or animated images, borders, colors, and much more. Once everything is set, you can use the "Link Menu to Web Page" command to link the menu to your Web page in a fast and easy manner.

AllWebMenus offers:

- UNICODE text
- Ready-to-use Themes for creating stylish & original menus in just minutes
- Re-designed User Interface based on a new eye-catching look & enhanced user-friendly functions
- An optimized Style Editor which allows for the creation and saving of customized Themes
- Free Dreamweaver


- Added an option to have a default "Menu-Linking Code in Tags" value for new menu projects (in "Tools > Customize AllWebMenus").
- Fixed an issue when using a Modal Window call with a menu that uses the ULLI population method.
- Fixed an issue with the positioning of sliding menus when a Doctype exists in page (IE only).
- Fixed an issue where a background color was taken from a css file (IE9 only).
- Fixed an issue where a variable of the javascript libraries conflicted with some user variables (Mozilla based only).
- Fixed an issue where floating images appeared in page even though the menu did not appear at all (Opera only).
- Fixed an issue with Keyboard Navigation on sliding menus: they did not open when the "left arrow" key was pressed.
- Fixed a minor issue for a user who used the following line in his CSS: table { display:block; }
- Minor GUI fixes


I.E. 4.0 or later

Restriction :

- 15 days trial - You can use all the features except the "compile menu" and "link menu" commands

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