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Adobe Reader Informations

Publisher's Description:

From Adobe Systems Inc.

Easily view, print, and collaborate on PDF files with this free software

Adobe Reader offers:
Maximize your screen real estate. Reader has a completely redesigned interface, new tools, and a host of new options for viewing information more efficiently.
Access to an online, real-time meeting in seconds.
Reader is now integrated with Adobe Connect software, which enables users to instantly communicate and accelerate approvals with virtually anyone, anywhere, at any time.
Protection of your workflows and transactions.
Add more security to your documents, forms, and drawings with digital signatures. Leverage Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server and the new Adobe Online Services Document Center with Reader to enforce access rights at the document level.

Adobe PDF is the global standard for trusted distribution and viewing of information. Adobe Reader is the only free software to allow you to more securely collaborate using PDF documents. Create your own PDF files. Use Reader with Adobe Acrobat software or the Create Adobe PDF Online web-hosted service to confidently create professional-looking PDF documents that can be shared with friends, family, colleagues, partners, customers, and suppliers. Use Reader to help control confidential information, share files, control deployments, and simplify integration and hosting.



PDF creation:
3817760: Not able to convert specific google search pages to PDF using any browser.
3814919: Wrong conversion of Word file with check box content control, black dots and no labels
3735998: Lotus Notes crashes when PDFMaker is converting Email with Hyperlinked HTML image
3694142: Some Graphs are not converting successfully from Word To PDF.

Shared reviews:
This release fixes the issues introduced with 11.0.09 and described in this article.
3829650/3840402: Not able to view comments published from previous versions of Acrobat Pro/Reader.
3840400/3827994: Acrobat Pro plugin stability issues when a shared review PDF is opened in browser.
3816793: Macintosh: Spinner in Document Message Bar spins indefinitely while Synchronizer tries to sync comments automatically after 10 minutes of last comment syncing.

Services integration:
3827709: The registry preference bEnableAcrobatHS does not disable the Mobile Link UI, sign in dialog, and UI under Recent files.
3821661: The registry preference bEnableAcrobatHS does not remove the “View All” button from the Gateway.
3833443: Don™t prompt the user to send the document to EchoSign when he saves it post placing a signature in the PDF file.
3840714: File upload to fails in browser when Acrobat is the default handler impacting EchoSign/Fill&Sign in browser.
3851416: Fixed issues related to Mobile Link with files with non-ASCII names.

This release fixes the issues introduced with 11.0.09 and described in this article.
3844791: Adobe Reader doesn™t display Extended authentication Login Screen.

3833045: Jaws not reading dynamic toolTip
3792269: LiveCycle Forms / Output does not generate a complete 508 accessible form according to Acrobat™s accessibility checker.

3804468: Fixed issues with adding and removing privileged locations.

Display resolution:
3815392: On HiDPI machines, the visual appearance of the Stay Signed In check box is poor when highlighted by the keyboard.
3833898: MAC retina displays: Recent Files View appears distorted on scaled resolutions.

3819211: Acrobat stability issues on moving textbox after rotating page view.
3857477: Adobe Reader/ Acrobat Pro XI stability issues when working with form fields in two or more PDFs at the same time.

3845191: With the registry preference bIgnoreDataSchema enabled, a warning dialog appears after pagebreaks.
3842576: The Digital Signature Appearance preference when certifying with an invisible signature is “Standard Text” and that preference sticks on the next attempt to sign a document with “Sign with Certificate.”
3841512: Contents are not showing up when saving a PDF file in Acrobat. It gives error message ‘insufficient data for an image™ for some files.
3825769: Cursor Text selection does not function as expected on a signed XFA based PDF with a Table.
3730756: With Protected Mode off, the print dialog is hidden behind IE (with the Reader plugin)
3858276: ClearScan throws an error message - “Acrobat could not replace the current page”.

Previous Versions for Adobe Reader


Software Versions

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  Jul 8, 2013
  47.79 MB
  Oct 15, 2012
  36.11 MB
  Sep 11, 2012
  41.41 MB
  Feb 23, 2012
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  Apr 29, 2011
  41.41 MB
  Feb 8, 2011
  41.41 MB
  Jan 26, 2011
  41.41 MB
  Oct 8, 2010
  41.41 MB
  Sep 17, 2010
  41.41 MB
  Jul 20, 2010
  40.49 MB

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