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Sheet Lightning Pro icon

Sheet Lightning Pro 6.21D  New

February 19, 2018, 12:15 | Size: 7.42 MB | License: Demo
Sheet Lightning is a specialised engineering 2D/3D CAD System for creating and unfolding sheet metal designs for fabrication or manufacture. It handles everything from simple cylinders, cones, rectangular ducts and ovals, to adapters, adapting any of [more details]
Project Timer icon

Project Timer  Updated

February 19, 2018, 11:58 | Size: 4.62 MB | License: Shareware
Project Timer is a simple but powerful windows application in the taskbar notification area to manage how much time you've spend on your projects. The use of colour will give a fast overview of which timer is running in the taskbar notification area [more details]
Icecream Screen Recorder icon

Icecream Screen Recorder 5.20  Updated

February 19, 2018, 08:38 | Size: 53.3 MB | License: Shareware
Icecream Screen Recorder has everything you need for fuss-free screen capturing. The program creates screenshots and screencasts, records full screen or selected areas, captures video with audio, and features drawing tool and additional options for controlling [more details]
SAM Broadcaster Cloud icon

SAM Broadcaster Cloud 2017.11  Updated

February 19, 2018, 01:17 | Size: 5.86 MB | License: Freeware
Start your own online radio station with SAM Broadcaster Cloud - Go from zero to pro in 10 minutes! SAM Broadcaster Cloud is a powerful cloud Internet radio broadcasting solution that allows you to broadcast from anywhere using just a computer with [more details]
SAM Broadcaster PRO icon

SAM Broadcaster PRO 2017.11  Updated

February 18, 2018, 10:47 | Size: 27.51 MB | License: Shareware
Start your Internet radio station with SAM Broadcaster, the number one Internet Broadcasting Solution since 2003 Sound Professional: Advanced audio features like cross-fade detection, gap killer, volume normalization and 5-band compressor and limiter. [more details]
Icons8 icon

Icons8  New

February 18, 2018, 10:39 | Size: 34.64 MB | License: Freeware
Pick any of 35000 icons. Choose any color and any size. Drag it to Photoshop. Done. About icons: The full Icons8 collection PNG format in multiple sizes from 25x25 to 100x100 px Styles of iOS 9, Windows 8, Windows 10, Android KitKat and Android [more details]
Extreme Thumbnail Generator icon

Extreme Thumbnail Generator 2.0  New

February 18, 2018, 10:37 | Size: 15.21 MB | License: Shareware
Create beautiful web galleries of your digital photos and publish them instantly to any website with Extreme Thumbnail Generator! Even if you know nothing about HTML and image processing - the result will be outstanding! Extreme Thumbnail Generator [more details]
Proposal Pack Wizard Software icon

Proposal Pack Wizard Software 13.0  Updated

February 18, 2018, 10:06 | Size: 116 MB | License: Demo
Proposal Pack Wizard is a proposal software and contract software add-in for Microsoft Word for Windows which manages your business proposals, business plans, grants, contracts, quotes, bids and other detailed business documents.  It provides [more details]
Speedy Claims CMS 1500 icon

Speedy Claims CMS 1500  Updated

February 18, 2018, 09:59 | Size: 40.28 MB | License: Shareware
Speedy Claims CMS 1500 Software may be the simplest and most powerful CMS 1500 insurance claim form software available anywhere. Find out why customers use Speedy Claims rather than other CMS 1500 form-filling software providers. Speedy Claims CMS 1500 [more details]
ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK icon

ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK  Updated

February 18, 2018, 09:58 | Size: 593.92 K | License: Demo
PDF Extractor SDK for Windows software developers: PDF to Text, PDF to XML, Images from PDF, Read PDF information, PDF to CSV for Excel. Bytescout PDF Extractor SDK allows to convert PDF to text, PDF to XML, PDF to CSV, extract images from PDF, extract [more details]
Lottery Looper icon

Lottery Looper 2.3  Updated

February 18, 2018, 09:56 | Size: 2.29 MB | License: Shareware
Lottery Looper is a powerful tool with no complicated interfaces to hold you back. You will be creating intelligent numbers in a matter of minutes! How Does Lottery Looper Work? Lottery Looper works by taking a series of snapshots of a running history. [more details]
BestCrypt Container Encryption icon

BestCrypt Container Encryption 9.03.7  Updated

February 18, 2018, 09:54 | Size: 24.56 MB | License: Shareware
To protect your privacy, comply with regulations, such as HIPAA or PCI, and prevent data breaches, BestCrypt Container Encryption delivers 'on-the-fly' data encryption that's easy to use for virtual drives and selected files or folders. BestCrypt encrypts [more details]
BCWipe Total WipeOut icon

BCWipe Total WipeOut 3.5.1  Updated

February 18, 2018, 09:53 | Size: 49.19 MB | License: Shareware
Before selling, disposing or donating used computers, securely erase hard drives with BCWipe Total WipeOut. Trusted as the de-facto standard for the U.S. DoD, BCWipe Total WipeOut erases boot records, filesystem structures, operating system files and [more details]
BestCrypt Volume Encryption icon

BestCrypt Volume Encryption 3.77.05  Updated

February 18, 2018, 09:50 | Size: 8.6 MB | License: Shareware
BestCrypt Volume for Disk Encryption protects all data on all types of volumes residing on fixed and removable disks - simple volumes, mount points, multipartition volumes (spanned, mirrored, striped, RAID-5), while also working on UEFI and GPT partitions. [more details]
Question Tools Editor icon

Question Tools Editor 4.2  New

February 18, 2018, 09:47 | Size: 27 MB | License: Freeware
Question Tools Editor is a fully-functional, free, e-learning tool used in 148 countries. Programming, scripting and HTML skills are not required. Editor allows you to create exciting, interactive e-learning lessons, exercises and tests for delivery using [more details]
TeraByte Drive Image Backup and Restore icon

TeraByte Drive Image Backup and Restore 3.16  Updated

February 18, 2018, 09:44 | Size: 117.14 MB | License: Shareware
TeraByte Drive Image Backup and Restore Suite is an affordable and reliable drive image backup and restore software package that is used for backing up all of your hard drive data to other media or external drives (such as eSATA, USB or 1394) and allows [more details]
Click4Time eScheduling icon

Click4Time eScheduling 4.1.1  New

February 18, 2018, 09:42 | Size: 5.78 MB | License: Demo
A booking system is essential in today's online world. Businesses must manage appointments, resources, staff schedules, client data. They need to provide a simple, convenient interface for clients to book appointments online 24/7. Used in over 30 countries, [more details]
Windows Defender Latest Definition Updates icon

Windows Defender Latest Definition Updates February 15, 2018  Updated

February 15, 2018, 02:36 | Size: 42.66 MB | License: Freeware
Follow this step to install: Step 1: Save or run the file After you click this link, click Run to install the definition file immediately, or click Save to save it to your computer. If you click Save, remember the name of the folder where you save the [more details]
Trend Micro Virus Pattern File icon

Trend Micro Virus Pattern File 12.967 - February 15, 2018  Updated

February 15, 2018, 02:36 | Size: 0 K | License: Freeware
# Virus Pattern Files / Cleanup Templates The Virus pattern file protects customers against viruses. The Virus cleanup template automatically removes the virus from the customer system. # Smart Scan Pattern Files These patterns are used by Trend Micro [more details]
Norton AntiVirus Virus Definitions icon

Norton AntiVirus Virus Definitions February 14, 2018  Updated

February 15, 2018, 02:35 | Size: 64.05 MB | License: Freeware
As new threats emerge, Symantec immediately builds new protection updates and makes them available for download on a subscription basis. If your subscription has expired, click here. The Norton AntiVirus engine is common to the Norton AntiVirus, Norton [more details]
McAfee SuperDAT Update icon

McAfee SuperDAT Update 8805  Updated

February 15, 2018, 02:33 | Size: 102.33 MB | License: Freeware
Virus definition, or .DAT, files contain up-to-date virus signatures and other information that Network Associates anti-virus products use to protect your computer against the thousands of computer viruses in circulation. Whether it is VirusScan, VirusScan [more details]
Ikarus Engine Update icon

Ikarus Engine Update February 15, 2018  Updated

February 15, 2018, 02:32 | Size: 169.85 MB | License: Freeware
The file is designated to be an update for the Ikarus T3 engine. It updates Ikarus Virus Utilities beginning with version 1.0.52 and T3 Command Line Scanner beginning with version 1.0.30 (1000030). Ikarus Virus Utilities represents a fully-featured [more details]
F-Secure Virus Definitions icon

F-Secure Virus Definitions February 15, 2018  Updated

February 15, 2018, 02:32 | Size: 347.45 MB | License: Freeware
F-Secure Automatic Update Agent is delivered with the latest F-Secure products. This is the most convenient way to keep the databases updated as it connects to F-Secure Policy Manager Server or F-Secure ISs Update server automatically whenever you are [more details]
Exterminate It! icon

Exterminate It! February 15, 2018  Updated

February 15, 2018, 02:32 | Size: 14.91 MB | License: Shareware
When surfing on the crest of a wave in the modern digital ocean, where everything is internet-connected, you risk falling. The Digital Ocean is much more risky than its natural counterpart. Every profit-minded criminal can be your breaking wave. As in [more details]
BitDefender Virus Definitions icon

BitDefender Virus Definitions February 15, 2018  Updated

February 15, 2018, 02:31 | Size: 212.57 MB | License: Freeware
Virus scanning and removal On demand scanning - Powerful scan engines ensure detection and removal of all viruses in the wild every time you need it. Scheduled scanning The Scheduler lets you plan ahead, and schedule full system/drive scans in the off [more details]
Avira Antivir Virus Definition File Update icon

Avira Antivir Virus Definition File Update February 15, 2018  Updated

February 15, 2018, 02:27 | Size: 213.54 MB | License: Freeware
Manual Update of AntiVir Please go through the following steps to update your AntiVir Personal Edition Classic / Premium on a PC without internet access. # Download the latest virus definition file (IVDF) on a PC with internet access. # Copy the downloaded [more details]
AVG Anti-Virus Definitions icon

AVG Anti-Virus Definitions February 15, 2018  Updated

February 15, 2018, 02:27 | Size: 138 MB | License: Freeware
This antivirus program for your home or office computer is easy on system resources and simple to install and use. The fully automated update process will keep your computer protected at all times. Components include AVG Email Scanner, which checks [more details]
avast! Virus Definitions icon

avast! Virus Definitions February 15, 2018  Updated

February 15, 2018, 02:26 | Size: 105.72 MB | License: Freeware
A feature of most of our programs is their ability to update themselves automatically. If you are connected to the Internet, virus database updates are downloaded and installed automatically without any user action. The availability of a new version is [more details]
GlassWire Firewall icon

GlassWire Firewall 2.0.91  Updated

February 14, 2018, 08:10 | Size: 33.54 MB | License: Freeware
GlassWire's free firewall software helps protect your privacy & security by monitoring your network activity for suspicious activity. You'll be shocked by how many applications on your computer are sending your private data over the Internet without [more details]
Elcomsoft eXplorer for WhatsApp icon

Elcomsoft eXplorer for WhatsApp 2.30  Updated

February 13, 2018, 08:08 | Size: 46.30 MB | License: Shareware
Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp is a tool to download, display and decrypt WhatsApp communication histories from iPhones and Android devices. The tool automatically acquires a WhatsApp database from physical devices, local and cloud backups, decrypts [more details]
Colibrico Design Studio icon

Colibrico Design Studio 1.1.19  Updated

February 12, 2018, 11:13 | Size: 34.32 MB | License: Shareware
Colibrico Design Studio is a design tool with an extensive icon library. Colibrico Design Studio automates the creation of graphics and icon sets. Providing the graphics via the graphic tool offers several advantages. - The graphics can be exported in [more details]
GHSAuth icon

GHSAuth  Updated

February 12, 2018, 10:26 | Size: 573.44 K | License: Freeware
GHS compliant SDS and Safety Label Authoring Tool for Chemical Manufacturers is a tool for authoring Global Harmonized Standard (GHS) compliant Safety Data Sheet (SDS) documents and Safety Labels. This tool will allow EH&S staff to author and organize [more details]
Lotto Sorcerer icon

Lotto Sorcerer 8.9  Updated

February 8, 2018, 06:08 | Size: 63.71 MB | License: Demo
Full-featured lottery software with advanced predictive technology. Since 1989. This program utilizes neural networking technology (multiple engines with adjustable scope and neural depth) to find a pattern to prior draws, with rejection and adjustable [more details]
JFormDesigner icon

JFormDesigner 6.0.2  New

February 8, 2018, 03:52 | Size: 33 MB | License: Shareware
Its outstanding support for JGoodies FormLayout, GroupLayout (Free Design), TableLayout and GridBagLayout makes it easy to create professional looking forms. JFormDesigner makes Swing GUI design a real pleasure. It decreases the time you spend on hand [more details]
AlphaPNG format plug-in icon

AlphaPNG format plug-in 1.0  New

February 8, 2018, 03:28 | Size: 706.56 K | License: Shareware
AlphaPNG file format plug-in lets to save semi-transparent images with semi-transparent tones and an alpha-channel in 8-bit PNG format! AlphaPNG lets you choose your ideal color palette (RGB or Greyscale) and automatically optimizes it using our True-Color [more details]
AlphaPlugins Digitalizer II icon

AlphaPlugins Digitalizer II 2.0  New

February 8, 2018, 03:27 | Size: 1.55 MB | License: Shareware
AlphaPlugins Digitalizer II - the new version of our famous Photoshop plug-in. Indeed the AlphaPlugins Digitalizer II is the fully new and power effects machine that lets you add in your composition textual effects with  professional quality [more details]
FoxBurner SDK icon

FoxBurner SDK 7.0.1  New

February 7, 2018, 16:43 | Size: 30.9 MB | License: Shareware
What if your software could also burn CD, DVD or Blu-ray discs? Wouldn't that feature be the cherry on the cake? With FoxBurner SDK, you can make it come true and easily enhance your application with data recording and backup functionality.  [more details]
WhizFolders Outliner icon

WhizFolders Outliner 7.1.5  New

February 7, 2018, 16:09 | Size: 17.83 MB | License: Shareware
Start building useful outlines of your notes for effective writing, study and research. WhizFolders introduces list-based outlining that helps you think and write faster. A powerful outlining list of notes encourages you to break your thoughts in pieces [more details]
FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery icon

FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery 8.1.18  New

February 7, 2018, 16:08 | Size: 28.6 MB | License: Shareware
FoneLab for iOS, as the best iPhone Data Recovery software, has the ability to recover deleted or lost photos, text messages, contacts, videos, call logs, notes, reminders, etc. from iPhone/iPad/iPod and from iTunes/iCloud backup files. It supports all [more details]
Responsive Web Page Generator icon

Responsive Web Page Generator 2.5  New

February 7, 2018, 16:05 | Size: 5.13 MB | License: Demo
The ultimate responsive web page generator system. You add your information in a step by step interface and the program creates all the web page code for you, no programing knowledge needed. The only thing you need to do after the generation of the [more details]
Total CAD Converter icon

Total CAD Converter 3.2  New

February 7, 2018, 16:03 | Size: 27.79 MB | License: Shareware
Total CAD Converter by Coolutils will help you to convert DXF to PDF, JPEG, WMF, PNG in a batch mode. The conversion is fast indeed, thanks to the new multithreading option. Apart from DXF, the app can convert DWG, PLT, HPGL drawings. Flexible settings [more details]
Printer Guard icon

Printer Guard 1.0  New

February 7, 2018, 07:20 | Size: 727.04 K | License: Demo
We designed Printer Guard to keep the ink flowing in the printer head and nozzles always. The biggest breakdown complaint with almost all inkjet printers is clogged printer heads due to insufficient use. Ink dries inside the printer head because you print [more details]
Pivot Table icon

Pivot Table 2  Updated

February 7, 2018, 07:17 | Size: 18.5 MB | License: Freeware
NeoNeuro Pivot Table. Free. Automatic Pivot Table shows trends and charts, reveals leaders and outsiders in all parameters like region, product or in any others in one click! Only one mouse click is enough to get trends or pie charts, reveal leaders [more details]
Check Writer III Plus icon

Check Writer III Plus 3.42  Updated

February 7, 2018, 07:16 | Size: 44.86 MB | License: Shareware
Print checks and their accompanying letter directly from your PC with this easy to use check printing application : enter the order (payee), the Dollar amount, and voila ! Check Writer III will automatically generate the word amount so you do not have [more details]
StartEd Pro icon

StartEd Pro 5.60  New

February 7, 2018, 07:15 | Size: 2.25 MB | License: Shareware
StartEd is a Windows startup editor which recognizes startup programs and system services that are either obsolete or memory hogs. StartEd detects more than 200 Trojan Horses, the most destructive and dangerous species of computer viruses. StartEd [more details]
Logo Design Shop icon

Logo Design Shop  New

February 7, 2018, 07:14 | Size: 63.85 MB | License: Freeware
No one knows your business better than you. Don't be limited to a single logo concept from an overpriced design form. Get easy recognition of your name, image, symbol, icon or trademark using the flexible design tools of Logo Design Shop to quickly produce [more details]
nanoCAD Plus icon

nanoCAD Plus 8.5.4129  Updated

February 7, 2018, 07:12 | Size: 440.78 MB | License: Shareware
nanoCAD Plus - easy-to-use low cost CAD software delivering great user experience by providing classic interface and native .dwg support. Being the ultimate in 2D design tools, nanoCAD Plus has been built to deliver design and project documentation regardless [more details]
GetOrgChart icon

GetOrgChart 2.4.3  Updated

February 7, 2018, 07:09 | Size: 1 MB | License: Demo
GetOrgChart lets developers create complex tree structures and then displays them as a beautiful flow chart using HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript. All the charts are fully customizable, and when used with a server-side component also allow developers to [more details]
XMLFox Visual Studio XML Editor icon

XMLFox Visual Studio XML Editor 7.5.0  New

February 7, 2018, 07:07 | Size: 2.78 MB | License: Shareware
It converts XML files into latest versions of MS Office file formats now. XML conversion capabilities have been enhanced. Robust XML editing and validation tool XMLFox is a freeware editor for creating valid well-formed XML documents and/or XSD Schema. [more details]
.NET Obfuscator Ultimate icon

.NET Obfuscator Ultimate 7.1.1  New

February 7, 2018, 07:04 | Size: 26.59 MB | License: Shareware
.NET Obfuscator Ultimate is .NET code protection tool to secure .NET assemblies. Obfuscation significantly aggravates reverse engineering and reduces its effectiveness. Skater .NET Obfuscator is a comprehensive Ultimate solution for .NET application [more details]
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