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July 6, 2011, 04:05
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Complex terminal emulator that supports SSH, SFTP, TELNET, RLOGIN and SERIAL.

Xshell is a powerful terminal emulator that supports SSH, SFTP, TELNET, RLOGIN and SERIAL. It delivers industry leading performance and feature sets that are not available in its free alternatives. Features that enterprise users find useful include tabbed environment, dynamic port forwarding, custom key mapping, user defined buttons, VB scripting, and UNICODE terminal for displaying 2 byte characters and international language support.

Xshell offers many user friendly features that are not available in other terminal emulators. These features include Zmodem file upload by drag and drop, Zmodem file download by selecting the file name, simple mode, full screen mode, transparency option and custom layout mode. These features will save time and effort when performing terminal tasks.

Xshell is free for home and school use. Please read our free for home and school use license agreement for terms and conditions.

# User defined key map support
We know a lot of users were waiting for the key mapping feature. So, in Xshell 4, terminal keys and the file menus can be mapped to users' preferred keys. You can even map a key to start an application or start a scripting

# Task automation with scripting (VB Scritp)
With the new Scripting feature, you can automate the repeated tasks. Various features in Xshell can be accessed through scripting including file menu items, toolbar features and terminal.

# All new Links bar
You can add a favorite session to the Link bar by clicking on the Add button on the Link bar. Also, the Favorite bar can reuse the information of the active terminal and eliminate the need to create user session manually.

# Supporting multiple language for global users
Xshell now supports UTF8 encoding. With UTF8 support, Xshell can now display multiple languages in a single terminal screen. This feature is particularly useful if your database has entries in different languages. You can switch to UTF8 encoding by selecting Unicode (UTF8) in the Encoding list of the Standard toolbar.

# Switching layout by pressing short key
Layout switch is a unique Xshell feature that lets you define customized Xshell layouts and switch between them with simple key combination. Simply press ALT + L simultaneously to switch between layouts anytime during the use of Xshell.

# Using Session tab to open multiple sessions in a single window
Session tab lets you open multiple sessions in a single Xshell window. A session is added to the Session tab when it starts and the user can freely switch the displayed name, close the session, and rearrange the order. For system and network administrators who need to access multiple servers occasionally, the session tab feature can reduce the desktop clutter and provide more flexible work environment.

# Using local shell interface to control Xshell
Local shell interface is a unique Xshell feature that lets you control Xshell without having to take your hands off the keyboard. Some of the actions you can perform in local shell include establishing SSH/TELNET/RLOGIN/SFTP connection, creating new sessions, opening existing sessions, closing Xshell and checking network status with ping, tracert, nslookup, and more. Also, local shell provides network utilities such as ping, iptrace, and netstat those of which you normally had to use separate programs are now incorporated into local shell.

# Using Compose bar to send a string to multiple servers at once.
Compose bar let you write a query before it is actually sent to the server. Then, the user can decide to send it to all connected servers at once or just one. Compose bar can be especially resourceful to those server administrators who needs to send the same commands to multiple servers to check the status of servers. Also, the Compose bar has history feature built in, so you do not need to type the same command twice.

# Using tunneling bar for real time channel monitoring (SSH)
Tunneling bar provides real time monitoring of all incoming and outgoing SSH traffic. If you have an X application that freezes frequently, you can specifically target the channel that the application uses and terminate it without effecting the other running applications. This ensures much tighter integration and reliability of your servers and Windows machines.

# Using Dynamic Port Forwarding with Tunneling bar (SSH)
Tunneling bar shows status of active and suspended SSH tunnels and offers dynamic port forwarding capability. Dynamic port forwarding is a unique Xshell feature that users can set their port forwarding rules on the fly. Tunneling bar lets you add and terminate or even suspend and resume port forwarding rules without having to restart Xshell.

# Sending response automatically with Wait & Response
Wait & response feature sends predefined sets responses when user specified message is received from servers. This feature can be especially resourceful when the destination server can only be reached by going through an intermediate server. Simply define a set of responses, and Xshell can carry you through the intermediate server and to the destination server. Also, without altering the server side, the wait & response feature can be set to run scripts or system utilities upon login.

# Using full screen view to use your entire monitor as a terminal
Full screen view turns your entire monitor into a terminal screen. You may feel as if you are sitting right in front of the server. And, since the full screen view can fit much more information in a single screen, you can spend less time scrolling and spend more time actually getting your work done. Also, full screen view can be used with Session tab (link) to quickly switch between the open sessions.

# Sending terminal contents to Notepad with click of a button
Xshell can send the terminal contents to Notepad with click of a button. There are 3 options you can choose from. First option, Send All, sends the entire session history from the start to an end, and the second option, Screen, sends what is displayed on the screen. And last, the Selected Area option sends just the highlighted area.

# Interoperability: Xftp for file transfer
Xshell can interoperate with other products of NetSarang Computer, Inc. Here is an example of Xshell interoperating with Xftp. Xftp is the file transfer client developed by NetSarang Computer, Inc. Xshell starts Xftp when user clicks on the Xftp button on Xshell toolbar. Then, Xshell passes the session information to Xftp allowing Xftp to log transparently to the server. With its interoperability features, you can save the hassle for opening a file transfer client.

# Launching X applications through SSH tunnel (X11 forwarding)
Xshell can interoperate with Xmanager to launch X11 applications through SSH tunnel. This is secure and reliable way to use your applications in the remote servers and it is preferred over TELNET and other protocols. Also, if your PC is located in NAT network, unlike other protocols, SSH can launch X applications without having to reconfigure your network.

# Making a quick SSH/Telnet connection using the Address bar
Xshell address bar is the quickest and the easiest way to access your hosts. Simply type in the domain name or the IP address of the host in the Address bar, and click Go. It is as simple as surfing the websites.

# Using Quick Command to send frequently used commands and strings
Quick Command lets you assign frequently used commands or strings into buttons. Because oftentimes users have to retype the same string repeatedly, Quick command lets you save time by Quick command buttons lets you send these repetitive strings with just click of a button. Also, you can group these Quick buttons.

# Securing your communication with the server using the SSH protocol
SSH protocol is the one of the most secure remote communication protocol available in the market today and it is included in Xshell by default. With SSH, all of your network communications between your PC and the remote hosts are encrypted with highly reliable encryption algorithms. There are more to SSH than security. X11Forwarding feature of SSH lets you run any remote X application through a secure SSH tunnel regardless of the complexity of your network environment.

# Generating the user/public key with SSH Key Generation Wizard
On top of password authentication, public key authentication can provide the extra security for your server. But adopting the public key system can be very tricky at first. To ease this process, User Key Generation Wizard guides you through each step from selecting the key type (DSA/RSA) to passphrase in simple point and click format. Also, by creating the user key in your PC, you can prevent unnecessary transfer of the key and avoid the key getting in the hands of unwanted people.

# Xactivator for convenient and quick access to your servers
Xactivator is a handy tool that stays in the tray icon area. You can activate the Xshell sessions right from the tray icon area. Not only that, with just a few clicks, Xactivator can launch new Xshell window, or switch between the active sessions. If you have to frequently open and close sessions, Xactivator can help you untangle your desktop space.

Restriction :

You can use this program 30 days only for evaluation and that any other use requires the purchase of a license.

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