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System Surveillance Pro Information

Publisher's Description:

Powerful computer monitoring characteristics make SSPro the choice among businesses, government agencies and parents.

Main Features

* View Keystrokes Typed (keylogger)
* View Websites Visited and Set Alerts
* View which Programs were Run
* Capture Instant Message Conversations
* Capture Desktop Screen Snapshots
* Email Delivery of Activity Alerts and Logs
* Filter Websites and Block Chat Conversations
* Limit Website, Chat and AOL usage
* View Multiple Machines from one Location

Parental Control Software
Parents are aware of the need to protect their children from harmful online content and SSPro gives them the tools they need. With SSPro's advanced parental control features users can: filter websites based on content, keywords or website address; block instant messages when various content or keywords are encountered; set usage-limits on web browser and instant message use; receive email alerts when various events occur; have logs, snapshots sent offsite via email for remote viewing, and much more!

Business Computer Monitoring Software
SSPro was designed with businesses and large organizations in mind. As such, SSPro features a rich set of computer monitoring tools employers can utilize to help ensure their employees are using company computer resources wisely. Whether the need is for keystroke logging to verify employee productiveness, or website filtering to limit browsing to specific websites, SSPro addresses the needs of the employer. In addition, with SSPro users can monitor several computers from one location and all data is organized according to machine, user and date for easy viewing. To satisfy corporate compliance requirements, SSPro also includes a variety of optional user warning features and selective startup options.

Powerful features such as keystroke logging, website activity monitoring, program & instant message monitoring are the reasons SSPro is the most widely used computer monitoring software on the market today!

Keystroke Logging
Capturing keystrokes is one of SSPro most powerful features. Whether typed into emails, entered as web searches, or typed into any other program, SSPro logs each keystroke in real-time. What's more, with SSPro's unique keyword alert feature, users can be notified via email the moment a particular keyword is encountered, which can be ideal for monitoring the occurrence of certain names and topics.
Once logged, all data is organized for easy viewing, displaying the machine name, user, program, and the start & end time of the keystroke activity. For a better sense of the context in which the keystrokes occurred, SSPro can synchronize the keystrokes with screen snapshots so that users can actually see the keystrokes as they were typed. "Formatted" and "Raw" viewing panes display keystrokes with and without certain "control" characters such as those created by the backspace and shift keys.
No simple keystroke logger has all of these features which is why SSPro remains the favorite for employers wishing to gauge employee productivity, those needing to archive their own text entries and parents wishing to log this type of data.

Website Monitoring
Viewing website activity can really tell the story of what a child is doing online. Web searches, social networking websites and email websites can paint a picture of a child's surfing habits and SSPro's website monitoring feature captures more detail than any other monitoring program on the market. SSPro will display the machine, user, website address and time of access but it goes way beyond this.
Only SSPro gives users 3 ways to block websites which include:
1. Blocking based on SSPro's "Internal Pornographic" keyword list.
2. Blocking based on user-defined keywords.
3. Blocking based on words appearing in web addresses.

In fact, using SSPro's "Allowed" and "Blocked" websites lists, users can even block all websites except for the few they wish to allow - a great tool for libraries or businesses wishing to restrict access to only a few web addresses or parents wishing to limit access to only child friendly websites.
Another great feature is the new "Website Snapshot" feature. With this feature users can specify certain websites that when visited, will trigger increased SSPro snapshot monitoring - up to once every 15 seconds. Great for web-based social networking websites such as MySpace and Facebook. No other monitoring solution has this feature!

Instant Message Logging
It seems everyone is communicating online with instant message/chat programs these days. These easy-to-use chat programs can provide benefits to both home and business users. However, the reality is that these programs can present risks as well. Many business owners are concerned that their employees might be sending inappropriate messages to co-workers or that they are spending too much time chatting online with friends. As recent T.V. shows have illustrated, parents are justifiably worried that unknown adults may be attempting to communicate with their children online. SSPro's instant message monitoring features address these issues.

While some chat monitoring programs only capture one side of the chat conversation, SSPro captures both sides so that users can see exactly what is going on. And while some chat users will periodically clear their chat text, this poses no problem for SSPro as it keeps a running copy of the chat conversation at all times.
SSPro can also monitor chat conversations for the presence of pornographic or user-defined keywords. Then, when a keyword is encountered, users can select various actions SSPro should take such as sending an alert email, blocking the chat conversation or taking a screen snapshot. Many parents have used this feature for monitoring & blocking specific chat buddies. Still others have opted to be alerted when sensitive phrases are encountered such as "meet me after school".

Program Monitoring
Of particular importance to business owners and IT departments is the ability to monitor the programs that are installed and used on their employee's computers. SSPro's program monitoring features have become an invaluable tool in this regard.

SSPro's program monitoring features allow users to see what programs were run, when they were run, by whom and for how long. Users can even choose to be alerted via email when certain programs are launched. And while some monitoring programs indiscriminately monitor all running applications, which can impact system performance, only SSPro allows users to exclude "system" level programs from being monitored.

Screen Snapshots
No PC monitoring solution would be complete without screen snapshot support and SSPro's is simply the best. No other program boasts this number of snapshot features nor the extent to which they are integrated into the overall monitoring solution. SSPro's screen snapshot features include:
1. The ability to set the interval at which snapshots should be captured.
2. The ability to email snapshots at a specific time intervals.
3. The ability to pause snapshots when the computer is idle.
4. An image expiration feature that can automatically delete snapshots that are older than a specified number of days.
5. The ability to specify the maximum amount of space to allow for captured snapshots.
6. The ability to set the snapshot image quality.
7. The ability to use SSPro's standard snapshot file extension or the .jpg extension.
8. The ability to trigger increased snapshot monitoring when a user visits a particular website.

In addition, SSPro sports a mini snapshot thumbnail viewer in each of its log viewing areas which gives the user a better sense of the data they are viewing. In fact, they can even synchronize the mini snapshot viewer so that as they scroll through the logged data, the snapshots automatically change to coincide with the data being viewed.

Website Filtering
Many monitoring programs only offer a limited number of filtering features or no such features at all. SSPro combines its web monitoring features with powerful filtering technology. Users can block websites using 3 main features which include:
1. When pornographic keywords are encountered: SSPro scans the raw html text of the webpage looking for any occurrences of pornographic keywords. SSPro's Internal Pornographic Keywords list is specifically designed so as to lessen the probability of a "false-positive" occurrence.
2. When user-defined keywords are encountered: Many users are only interested in monitoring for specific words or phrases and SSPro allows for this too.
3. When a web address appears in the user-defined "Blocked Websites" list: This is a very powerful feature in that when used in conjunction with SSPro's "Allowed Websites" list, users can confine website access to only the few desired websites to the exclusion of all others.

In addition to the afore mentioned filtering features, users can also be notified when users attempt to access such websites and have a screen snapshot taken at the same time.

Program Blocking
With many parents away from the family computer for much of the day, its important that any computer usage rules be enforced. In addition many employers wish to prevent their employees from using such programs entirely. These needs make SSPro's program blocking feature one if its most utilized.

With SSPro, users have the ability to limit the use of web browsers, chat programs and other certain programs based on a maximum number of usage minutes per day or restrict use to only certain hours of the day.
Furthermore, SSPro can be configured either to give each Windows user their own usage counter or require that all users share the same counter (useful for overcoming attempts to create multiple Windows accounts to avoid usage limits).

Email Log Delivery
We understand that the ability to view logged data from any location is crucial to most users. Whether the need is to view logged activity from work, on the road, or from across the country, SSPro's email log delivery feature gets the job done. This very flexible feature allows users to:
1. Send log files based on a time interval (e.g. every hour) and/or a specific time of day (e.g. 3:20AM).
2. Configure SSPro to clear the logged data after sending so that log files do not accumulate on the monitored machine.
3. Configure SSPro to send an additional screen snapshot at the time of sending.
4. Password protect the log files to better ensure safe delivery.

We understand that setting up email enabled programs such as SSPro can sometimes be difficult for users, that's why SSPro even has a built-in mini SMTP email engine. Using this option users need only specify the email address to which the log files should be sent. Of course users can always specify their own SMTP account settings as SSPro supports all standard email options including the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Protocol

Networked Computer Monitoring
One of SSPro's most powerful features is its ability to centralize logged data for multiple machines. While other companies require customers to purchase expensive "business only" versions of their software, only SSPro gives this feature to all users for free.

Once configured, network administrators have the ability to view logged data from various machines simply by selecting the desired computer name from the machine drop-down list. SSPro even provides users with the ability to "connect" to isolated installations of SSPro from one location. This is a great feature for computers that are not always connected to the network.
Of course home users can use this feature too. We understand that many families have more than one computer in the house. In addition, there may be laptops in use that are not always accessible when outside the home. The ability to "connect" to those computers once they return and view the logged data is crucial for many parents.

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