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Opera Browser Information

Publisher's Description:

With Opera browser your favorite sites are just one click away at all times.

Discover the new Opera. Handcrafted to bring you faster, more secure browsing, Opera gives you more efficient browsing and great customization options. Download the fast and free alternative web browser.

-Speed Dial groups your top-visited sites directly on a custom start page.
-The Stash feature captures a page you want to revisit later or compare with others, and saves it into a simple, sophisticated list that's searchable by resizable screenshot or keyword.
-The Discover feature gives you top-quality news and entertainment from around the globe.
-Off-Road mode compresses pages for faster, all-conditions browsing especially on slower network connections.
-Themes and extensions let you customize the Opera browser by changing its look and adding new functionalities.
-The combined search and address bar lets you get search results from multiple search engines at the same time, or add your own custom engines for fast access to the information you want.
Customize your browser
You can add, remove or reposition buttons and toolbars or change the entire layout of the browser. It is easy to do or undo.

Access bookmarks instantly
The convenient bookmarks bar keeps commonly visited sites and bookmark folders in front of you at all times, allowing instant access. You can enable this toolbar by selecting Opera menu -> Toolbars -> Bookmarks Bar.

Choose your look and layout
Opera's vibrant user community has created many beautiful skins and setups for you to try, so you can have a customized look for your browser.

Create your own shortcuts
Opera offers many ways to perform browser actions, and you can also customize your own keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures and more.

Look inside tabs
When you hover the mouse pointer over a tab, a preview shows you the content of that page. When you stack tabs, hovering over a stack also shows a preview of the tabs within, and you may select the tab you want to use.

Re-open tabs you closed
With Closed Tabs, you can open tabs that you accidentally closed or website pop-ups that Opera blocked.

Protect a tab from closing
By right-clicking a tab, you can pin it to prevent it from being closed by accident. Pinned tabs take up minimal space and are automatically moved to the left of other tabs to make them easy to find.

Get a better view of tabs
Visual tabs show a small thumbnail for each website, in addition to the page title and icon. You can drag the tab bar to the desired height to adjust the thumbnail size accordingly.

Save sets of tabs
You can save your open tabs as a "session" and load it later on to open these same pages. You can have multiple sessions and load each one based on what you are doing at a certain time.

Stay in control of downloads
Download files more quickly. As soon as you click a file to save it, Opera starts downloading it, so there is no wasted time. Pause and resume downloads with the push of a button, and choose multiple files to download simultaneously.

Follow your favorite feeds
Subscribing to newsfeeds with Opera Mail is simple. Just click the RSS link in the address field, click "Subscribe", and the feed will display under "Newsfeeds" at the bottom of your Mail panel. Now, you can get your RSS feeds right in the browser without using a separate program.

Keep your spelling in check
The spell checker in Opera shows a red line under misspelled words anywhere you can enter text on a webpage. Corrections can be chosen by right-clicking the misspelled word.

Eliminate distractions
You can block images, pop-ups and plug-ins that you do not want to see. Right-click a page, choose "Block Content" and click annoying elements to disable them selectively. In Opera, smart pop-up blocking is turned on by default.

Manage bookmarks efficiently
Give your bookmarks easy-to-remember names or group them into folders to help manage your bookmarks as your collection grows.

Load plug-ins only when needed
You can choose to have plug-ins such as Flash and Silverlight load content only when clicked. This is helpful to speed up browsing on computers that have difficulty handling lots of plug-in content.

Use convenient widget apps
Many Opera Widgets are available to provide handy functions such as showing the weather, quickly looking up information or providing entertainment and games. Opera Widgets now run directly on the desktop, so they keep running even if you close your browser.

Download using BitTorrent
Support for BitTorrent is built in to Opera so you can download torrents without the need for a separate application. You can even monitor the progress of large torrent downloads with Opera's downloads panel.

Search from the address field
Save time by typing your search query directly into the address field. You can also customize this feature by choosing the search engine you prefer.

Get suggestions as you search
Search suggestions predict queries as you type, making searching quicker and easier. Google search predictions are now built into Opera, along with Wikipedia, Bing and Yandex suggestions. These are displayed when using the search field or when using search keywords in the address field. For example, to see Google's search predictions, type "g search words" in the address field.

Use any search engine instantly
It is easy to use your favorite search engine whenever you wantfrom the search field, the address field or even the context menu. You can also add any search engine. Simply right-click in the search field of a search engines website and select "Create Search".

Find what you need in webpages
"Find in page" is brilliant in Opera. All matching results are highlighted, so they are clearly visible. You can fine-tune your search to match all the text, just the whole word or only the links or the page. This feature can be accessed from keyboard shortcuts such as [.] (period) for text and [,] (comma) for links.

Get back to visited pages easily
By typing in the address field, you can search through items in your history and bookmarks. Results will show that match actual page content, making it easy to find pages that you have visited. Deleting pages from your history can also be done directly from this history list.

Latest Technologies
The fastest JavaScript engine
The Carakan JavaScript engine has been further enhanced to run more quickly than ever! This makes Opera 11 the fastest browser on Earth in many performance tests. Even complex webpages load and run with lightning speed.

Support for the the latest HTML5
With our latest Opera Presto rendering engine and its improved support for HTML5 and CSS3, websites using the latest web standards are no problem for Opera. Opera 11 supports new technologies such as Web Sockets and server-sent events so sophisticated web apps and multiplayer games can be supported in Opera.

Smooth and fast graphics
Everything in Opera is drawn on your screen using Opera's new high-performance Vega graphics library. This enables super fast and smooth graphics, in everything from tab switching to animation on webpages.

Support for Geolocation
You can now share your location with geolocation-supported websites such as Google Maps. Rest assured that your privacy is a top priority - you will always be prompted before sharing your location.

Security and Privacy
Be safe on the Web
Opera features up-to-the-minute information from leading security agencies on exploits, viruses and phishing scams. When you visit sites on the Web, Opera checks this data in real time and warns you when a site is identified as dangerous. In addition, Opera supports Extended Validation certificates (EV) to provide added assurance and trust for secure websites.

Keep your browsing private
Using a private tab or window ensures that evidence of your browsing history is removed as soon as the tab or window is closed. Now, it is safer to do your banking from a public computer or easier to plan that surprise vacation.

See your security on websites
An enhanced address field makes it easy to stay safe on the Web. The complexity of long addresses is hidden to make it clear which site you are visiting. A colored badge also indicates the quality of encryption that is used; clicking it gives you detailed information about the site.

Control website cookies
Opera allows you to choose which cookies you accept or reject. For example, you can allow for different set-ups for different servers.

Stay up to date
Opera 11 makes it easy to have the latest version of not just the browser, but any extensions and Opera Unite applications you are using. You can have completely automatic updates or to be notified when an update is ready for you install. As always with Opera, it is your choice.

Enjoy integrated debugging
Opera Dragonfly is our integrated debugging environment. Inspect the DOM, CSS, and network traffic and data stores, troubleshoot your JavaScript and take advantage of our unique remote debugging functionality.
Learn the latest web technology
Dev.Opera hosts articles and discussions on the latest in web technology. Join in and stay in touch with the direction of tomorrow's Web.

Changelog for this release:

General and user interface changes since Opera 25

Share bookmarks from the bookmark manager anywhere a URL can be sent. Opera provides external access to select bookmarks or an entire bookmark folder for an extendable 14-day period.

Opera now imports data from other browsers. Import bookmarks, cookies, history, and passwords from Opera 12, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

Preview pages before printing to either software or hardware printers without the need of the system dialog.

Opera 26 includes updates to the latest Chromium/Blink release, version 39.

Improvements since Opera 25

Stability enhancements.
Enhanced support for Chromium extensions.
Handoff support for Mac and iOS.
Popover enhancements for Mac.


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