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Feature that allows the user to obtain more from the Web

Benefits and Purposes of MSN Explorer

MSN Explorer is a feature that connects the user to the free non-subscriber section of the Web site. From this default site, the user has access to all of the MSN services. The Web site is an Internet connectivity service that provides access to a variety of personal-interest information and services, as well as providing a portal to the World Wide Web.

Overview: Using MSN Explorer in a Managed Environment

MSN Explorer is installed optionally with Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 1 (SP1) and is available to users after they complete a sign-up and setup procedure using the MSN wizard. Once users have established an account with, they have access to personal e-mail, online contacts, online music and video, and the Internet. MSN Explorer delivers the benefits of popular Internet technologies such as Hotmail®, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Windows Messenger, and Windows Media Player, all in one program that works with the existing Internet connections. In a managed environment, however, unlimited access to these available Web sites may pose security risks. You can therefore remove MSN Explorer from the Windows components to be installed, as described later in this section.

How MSN Explorer Communicates with Sites on the Internet

The MSN Explorer component is a Web browser that can create an Internet connection, search the Web, communicate through instant messaging and e-mail, play music, and manage the users schedules and finances online.

To access MSN Explorer for the first time, the user must navigate to MSN Explorer from the Start menu, from Start\All Programs or from Start\Programs. The first time that a user accesses MSN Explorer, a dialog box opens on the desktop that asks if the user would like to get on the Internet and write e-mail through the Start menu using MSN Explorer. After the user selects either Yes or No, a wizard opens that takes the user through a sign-up process. The user has the option of signing up for MSN Internet Access with an MSN dial-up account, an existing Internet account, or an access method such as a local area network (LAN). The user also has the option of using an existing Hotmail or MSN e-mail account or creating a new account. If the user creates a new e-mail account, the wizard requests personal information such as date of birth and occupation. The user then sets a password and is given a user name. Subsequent access to MSN Explorer will take the user directly to

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