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September 10, 2010, 19:54
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ORM solution, developed closely to the Microsoft LINQ to SQL technology

LinqConnect is an enhanced LINQ to SQL compatible ORM solution with extended functionality, support for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite, its own visual model designer, seamlessly integrating to Visual Studio, and SQL monitoring tool. LinqConnect allows quick creation of mapping model and generation of data access layer code, greatly decreasing development time and eliminating the need to work over routine tasks. It was developed closely to the Microsoft LINQ to SQL technology, while extending its functionality, thus allowing LINQ to SQL developer to easily get started with LinqConnect. In addition to LINQ to SQL features, LinqConnect provides its own advanced functionality. LinqConnect has complete support for complex types, allowing you to create entity properties with internal structure. With ID Generation feature you may just set an attribute for the property to use unique value generation for it. LinqConnect caches compiled queries automatically, while allowing you to set cache parameters and control caching process. It provides the same interface to all database servers, allowing you to easily develop applications that are able to use different databases.

General functionality
* Wide support for LINQ capabilities
* Interchangeable with Microsoft LINQ to SQL
* Wide support for server data types and features
* High performance
* Free high-quality support

Easy to use
* Visual model creation and modification with Entity Developer *
* Visual Studio integration
* Powerfull naming rules for singularization and pluralization *
* Customizable template based code generation *
* Easy to deploy
* Run-time database creating using the model (CreateDatabase, DatabaseExists, DropDatabase methods of DataContext)

Database provider model architecture
* Multiple database support: *
o MS SQL Server and MS SQL Server Compact
o Oracle *
o MySQL *
o PostgreSQL *
o SQLite *
* Database-independent interface. *

* POCO classes used (no need to use a common base class)
* Full CRUD support
* Change tracking support
* Lazy loading
* Data binding support

* Inheritance mapping (Table per hierarchy)
* Complex type support
o Multiple complex types per entity *
* Metadata mapping
o Mapping with .NET attributes
o Mapping with external XML file

* Wide support for extension methods
* Projection, join, set method support
* Paging, filtering and ordering support
* Subquery support
* Grouping, unions, and intersect support
* Aggregate functions
* User-defined functions in LINQ query
* CompiledQuery
* LoadOptions
o Configurable preload for linked entities
o Recursive support *
* Query level preload (Include) *
* Native SQL execution and object materialization
* Native SQL injections in LINQ queries (LINQ queries can be built over SQL queries)*

* Database transactions support
o All updates are carried out in the transaction
o Changes to entities are applied only after the successful completion of the transaction
o User can manually manage transactions
* Column-level configurable concurrency check
* Extended error processing after calling SubmitChanges *

* Object data caching
* Configurable automatic compiled query caching *

Primary keys
* Single and composite primary keys support
* Identity generation support *
* Primary Key detection or smart rebuilding when creating a model *

Relationships support
* One to One
* One to Many
* Many to Many
* Multi-columns composite foreign keys support
* Support for delete rules (cascade delete, set null, set default)
* One-directional associations

Full stored procedures support
* Procedure mapping for entity creating, updating, and deleting
* Scalar-valued functions
* Out parameters
* Result set from procedure returns as collection of entity or value types
* Multi-result sets
* Database-specific features like Oracle REF CURSOR support as IEnumerable parameters *

Using in Web and multi-tier architectures
* LinqConnectDataSource component *
* RIA services 3.5 support *
* Attaching objects
* ASP.NET medium trust support

* Query logging
* dbMonitor support *

* These features are our extension of the LINQ to SQL functionality.


.NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 or higher

Restriction :

30 days trial

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