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Encrypt the source code of your web pages and restrict browser functions to prevent unauthorized copying of your contents.

Easy-to-use Copyright Protection for your Website

HTML Guard lets you encrypt the source code of your web pages and restrict browser functions to prevent unauthorized copying of your contents. All pages protected by HTML Guard retain their original look and feel and can still be viewed in any common JavaScript-enabled browser. No special installations are required - either on the client side or on your web server.

Get HTML Guard today because it :

* provides effective protection against website plagiarism.
Be it HTML code, images, text, or included links - HTML Guard helps keep people from stealing your website's content in whole or in part. Among other things, it is capable of encrypting the HTML source code, preventing text selection, blocking the right mouse button and disabling the browser's print function.

* keeps spam robots from harvesting email addresses from your pages.
HTML Guard helps reduce the amount of spam ending up in your inbox by encrypting your email addresses, thus making them unreadable to automated spambots.

* lets you precisely configure the protection functions you want to apply to your website.
With HTML Guard you can selectively choose and adjust the level of protection that fits your needs. For instance, you can determine which parts of the code you wish to encrypt and define how to block right clicks.

* includes an easy-to-use interface that allows you to protect complete websites with just a few clicks.
Using the built-in wizard, even beginners can protect their website by applying a wide range of security functions in just a few steps.

* comes with a detailed help file.
While using HTML Guard you can always consult the comprehensive online help that is available by pressing F1 or clicking the Help button.

* supports websites in all languages, no matter what character set is used.
The software can effectively protect HTML files encoded in multi-byte character sets such as UTF-8 (Unicode), KOI8-R (Russian), BIG5 (Traditional Chinese), or Shift-JIS (Japanese).

* is free to try.
An evaluation copy of HTML Guard can be downloaded free of charge. You pay for it only if it suits your needs.

Protection features

* Encrypt source code
Scramble the code of your HTML files without affecting their display in the browser. Various settings let you select exactly the parts of your pages that you want to be obfuscated. For instance, you can just have the program protect your email addresses from being harvested by spammers, or apply encryption to your entire website.
* Compress source code
Put your pages' code on a diet and let HTML Guard remove needless space characters, line breaks, comments, and other space wasters. This speeds up downloading and makes the code less readable and harder for others to reuse.
* Disable right mouse button
Block the context menu in the browser, thus limiting the ability to copy or save images, text, and links via right-clicking.
* Disable text and image selection
Prevent your website content from being selected with the mouse and copied to the clipboard.
* Disable Image Toolbar in Internet Explorer 6
Hide the so-called "Image Toolbar" in Internet Explorer 6 that enables users to quickly save, print or email the image that the mouse is currently hovering over.
* Disable browser's print functionality
Paralyze the browser's print function so that just a blank page is produced every time a user tries to print your website.
* Disable "Save as..." in Internet Explorer
Force the "Save as..." function in Internet Explorer to cancel with an error message.
* Disable link display in status bar
Keep the browser from displaying link targets and other messages in the status bar.
* Disable Adobe Acrobat's "Web Capture" feature
Prevent your pages from being ripped and converted to PDF format using Adobe Acrobat.
* Disable shortcuts
Block common browser shortcuts that allow quick access to functions such as saving the currently displayed page or viewing its source code.
* Restrict page use to certain web addresses
Make your web pages viewable only under your own domain names and specify that pages may not be opened offline.
* Disable framing of pages by other websites
Protect your website from being trapped in some other site's frameset.
* Keep pages from being indexed by search engines
Instruct search engines not to index and cache your web pages. For instance, this allows you to exclude your images from the Google Image Search or ensure that your contact details are not found on the web.

General features

* Browser compatibility
Pages protected by HTML Guard remain standards-compliant and can still be viewed in any common web browser, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome. There is no need to install any additional browser extensions.
* Server compatibility
The use of HTML Guard requires no special web server setup - you can continue using your existing hosting provider.
* Directory processing
HTML Guard allows you to protect complete websites, including all folders, in just a few clicks.
* Automatic backups
An automatic backup function ensures that you are always able to recover accidentally overwritten HTML files.
* Step-by-step wizard
An electronic assistant guides you through the process of protecting your pages, making your first steps with the software as simple as possible.
* Detailed help file
A comprehensive online help provides you with all the information you need to successfully protect your pages with HTML Guard.
* Support for pages with server-side scripts (PHP, ASP, JSP, SHTML)
HTML Guard can process not only plain HTML files but also pages that include server-side scripting code.
* Support for international web pages
The program protects pages regardless of the character set they are based on. It supports single-byte character sets like US-ASCII (United States) and ISO 8859-1 (Western Europe), as well as multi-byte character sets such as UTF-8 (Unicode), KOI8-R (Russia), BIG5 (China), or Shift-JIS (Japan).

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HTML Guard 100% CLEAN Certification

100% Clean Award for HTML Guard team has tested HTML Guard against viruses, spyware, adware, trojan, backdoors and was found to be 100% clean of any form of malware..
Our editors will test this application periodically to assure that it remains clean.
Click the link below to view the entire antivirus report.

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