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Oracle prediction reading; users pick the cards and view their meanings

HFairiesGrove Edinamarry Tarot is an Oracle prediction reading software which provides the users to pick the cards and view their meanings. I have given far more better and brief readings for all the Tarot cards.
Those who don't understand short meanings will find ease after reading the other meanings of each of the Tarot card. I have given more than one meaning for each card. The software is as easy as a game of a child. Those who don't know Computers will find this program like an easy game. To correct the way of writing a Tarot reader, I have only mingled those definitions which appear to be real meanings of every cards, the truth only but not lie or false things. I created this Tarot reader software not with any ambition but my passion towards gracious Tarot reading. I love to find meanings of the Tarot so I created this software which will heal those who read with pleasure and love.

I have kept an arrangement of the cards on the deck so one can seek answers to questions from noble Earth Gaea mother. She will surely help and I am sure because I myself found her helping and supporting me in each of the cards I picked and tested. I am certain to tell that Mother Gaea and angels helped me in writing this program with enhanced creativity and grace. I have also included small number of themes for the Tarot card deck to support children and noble adults. It was fun for me to explore this, I am sure it will be fun for the users to read from this small software. I also provide truth that my software is far better and modern than others software that are shareware. But my software will always be freeware and a Tarot collector's choice.

1. What is Tarot?
Tarot is a deck of (78) cards, a number of games played with the deck, and a number of metaphysical beliefs and practices attached to the non-gaming use and contemplation of the deck. Tarot was invented as a card game in the early-mid 15th century, most likely by the nobility of north Italian city states. In 1781 two small essays written by a Swiss-born French philosoph and a French cavalry officer provided the basis for all future development of what has come to be known as occult Tarot. Prior to this time little public discussion had occurred concerning the use of Tarot for divination, although much had been written (both for and against the practice) for almost three centuries prior to 1781 about the use of playing cards in divination. The extension of this tradition to Tarot was a natural one, and the main question is when precisely it took place.

What does the name Tarot mean, and where did it originate?
It is generally claimed (even by playing-card historians) that no one knows with certainty what the name Tarot means. There are many theories, most connected in some way to hysterical claims about the origin of the deck. The main thing to remember is that Tarot was originally called Trionfi (carte da trionfi—cards with triumphs), the Italian word for Triumphs, or trumps, and referred specifically to the twenty-two trump cards added to the already existing standard playing-card deck of fifty-six cards (this had been imported into Europe from Muslim Egypt in the 14th-century) that enabled one to play the card game of Trionfi. Eventually the Italians started calling the deck and game Tarocchi (tar-ok-kee), and again it is generally believed no one knows for certain why the change occurred nor what exactly Tarocchi means. When the deck entered France, sometime around the turn of the 16th century, the French shortened the Italian name to Tarot, the name by which the deck is known to the English-speaking world. However, if you click the link below, you'll learn about some new-old information that may in fact explain once and for all what Tarot actually means.


* .NET Framework 2.0 installed, it is free and downloadable from the internet or can be found with newest games and software cds.
* at least 500 MB RAM
* Windows XP, Vista recommended.
* at least 1024x768 full color resoluti

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