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Automatically logs time spent on each application or website. Free full version


Auto Timesheet logs the sites, files and applications you work with. The main purpose of the application is to gather information about the time a user spends on each application, website or file. The collected information can be used for personal time management, parental control, managerial control over the employees' time in an enterprise, timesheets, billing etc.

Autotimesheet registers all the applications running on the computer, when their windows are active, and logs the time of the activity.

Target audience:

* Application Developers
* Project estimators
* Sales Personnel
* Technical Writers
* Translators
* RFP bidders

Main features of the application:

* Registering working time, thinking time (when the window is active, but there is no user activity) and total time spent with the application
* Filtering of data by time range and other parameters
* Flexible logging configuration (by window title, child window title, website URL, full or substring, etc.)
* Assigning files, applications and websites into groups to summarize the time spent on them
* Auto startup
* Auto update
* Export of collected data (HTML, CSV and Excel XML formats)

Security features:

* Auto Timesheet does not send any information over the internet
* All data is processed locally and reports are created right on your desktop
* There is no need in an internet connection, web site or web hosting to host your data or create reports
* The Contractor version of the Auto Timesheet is absolutely free and does not require any fee, license or subscription.
* We do not gather your email address to download Auto Timesheet or it's future upgrades

Downloading and installing application. Starting work

Download the distribution file. Run the file to install the application. If the installation was successful, the application's icon will appear in the system tray (bottom right corner of your computer's desktop).

The application has been installed successfully and is now running on your computer.
Click the icon once, and the application window will open. It may be empty at first. Start any application or open a website. Then, return to the AutoTimesheet window and press the Refresh button. You should see a new project or a new group in the list (about projects and groups, please see the "Logging Projects" section).
If you closed the AutoTimesheet window, click the icon again to open it.
You will see a report of your time expenditures in the window that opens.

Logging projects

The term project for the purpose of this documentation is an entity (application or website) on which you spend time. Projects are by default put together into groups. You can organize projects into groups any way you like. For example, if your company uses Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for marketing, you can put all three websites together in a group called Marketing, together with any Word documents for marketing campaign plans you write and project management software you use to manage marketing projects (in the common meaning of this word).

Autologging (Silent logging)

By default the application works in "auto-logging" mode. All the windows that become active get registered. The logged information can be edited later.


To see groups, go to "Report" view (by clicking on the "Report" menu item in the menu bar).
The groups can be expanded, to view the projects that compose them, or collapsed, to view the total time spent on the projects from the group. A collapsed group has a "+" sign on the yellow icon in the leftmost column. Click on it to expand the group. The "+" sign will be replaced with a "-". Click on the icon again to collapse the group.

Initially projects are grouped by default. The visited URLs are grouped by the websites they belong to, and the files, by the applications used to process them.

Project type

Spotting newly added projects

All the projects when they are first logged have a type of "Undefined" by default (the application logs them by default and will continue to log them until you change settings). You can change the "Undefined" ("U") type to "Normal" ("N") (the projects will continue to be logged unless you specify otherwise, see the next section). The "Undefined" setting has a sole purpose of distinguishing the projects whose settings you viewed (and possibly edited) from those entered automatically by the application and not viewed yet. Please see the next section for the description of steps to change the project type.

Tip: Sort the projects by type by clicking on the "Type" ("T") column header in the Projects view.

Marking projects to be ignored

If you don't want a particular project to be logged, change its type to "Ignore". The projects with the type of "Ignore" are not logged. When you want the project to be logged again, change its type back to "Normal" (only in Projects form).
To change the project type:

* Go to the Projects view (click the Projects menu item in the menu bar on top of the application window)
* Right-click a project to highlight it and select "Edit project" from the context menu.
* In the dialog box that appears, select the required project type from the dropdown list.
* Press "Save".


.NET 2.0 framework

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Our editors will test this application periodically to assure that it remains clean.
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