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Free Time Tracking Softwarefor employee time tracking, billing and payroll.

actiTIME is a free Time Tracking Software for effective management and billing in small and mid-sized companies.

Being a Web-based Timesheet actiTIME is easy to access from any office computer. With this Time Ttracking Software you can collect time expenses for each particular customer and project and generate reports. Moreover, Web Time Sheet actiTIME supports UTF-8 character set so you can enter data in other languages besides English. Each actiTIME user is granted individual access rights and one of these allows the manager to enter and modify time-track of other users.
Keeping track of over- and undertime and analyzing employees' performance is simple with this timesheet. actiTIME also helps you bill your customers: it supports both billable and non-billable tasks and allows data export to QuickBooks.

actiTIME helps to streamline daily work routine and avoid all-out efforts.
You can get full-functional version of this time-tracking software at no charge. Free support is available!

Download your copy of actiTIME 1.5!

Time expenses are recorded on by-customer and by-project basis

actiTIME collects time expenses for tasks associated with particular project and customer. The number of customers, projects, and tasks is not limited.

Overtime and undertime calculations and reports

Generally overtime / undertime value is calculated for each user as the difference between time expenses reported for a particular day and a workday duration specified for the user.

Negative value has a meaning of undertime (user reported less time expenses than he was supposed to make) and positive value has a meaning of overtime (user has spent more time and delivered more work for this day).

actiTIME provides a clear and simple way for its users to calculate and collect overtime / undertime values for further reporting and analysis.
Co-workers can share information using daily task comments

While entering time expenses user can attach a comment to any task on any working day. This comment may play a role of description for the reported time or may be a status or notification message from the user to his/her co-workers.
Support of billable and non-billable task statuses

actiTIME supports both billable and non-billable statuses for customers, projects, and tasks. Non-billable tasks may be easily filtered in billing reports and are not included into invoice data export.

Each billable task has a billing type assigned. These billing types can be customized by the user in accordance with the active accounting system.

Explicit reports for billing and management purposes

actiTIME provides detailed and summarized reports of:

* Time expenses by billable and non-billable tasks
* Time that has been spent by employees
* Time expenses by billing types
* Summary and daily overtime reported by users

Records included into a report can be grouped by projects, customers, dates, users and billing types.

Billing reports are generated either by a custom date range or by a set of completed tasks.

Individual access rights management

Access rights are managed individually for each user of the system. A set of granted rights defines the user's permission to access actiTIME interfaces and data.

Entering/Modifying the time-track of other users

actiTIME allows the users with the corresponding access rights to see, enter and modify time-track information on behalf of other users.

It is performed through the same interface which is used for personal time-tracking.

Integration with Intuit QuickBooks®

Data collected by actiTIME can be exported to qbXML file and then imported to QuickBooks® to generate invoices.

Integration with Intuit QuickBooks® is tested and verified for QuickBooks® Edition 2004. According to Intuit® notes about backward compatibility, it should work with any QuickBooks® edition starting from 2002.

Data export in the CSV format

All reports generated by actiTIME may be exported in CSV format for further analysis and/or for importing to other software.

Access to the system through a web browser

actiTIME works with the most popular web browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+ and Mozilla Firefox 1.5+.

As a web-based solution actiTIME can be reached from any computer connected to the Internet or to your LAN.

Support of different database platforms

actiTIME operates with database through ODBC/JDBC interfaces, so there is no constraint for the use of a particular database platform.

The current version of actiTIME supports MySQL and MS Access.

Runs under many operational systems

Having been developed in Java, actiTIME server runs virtually under every computing platform and operational system (any Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc.).

Free of charge

Everyone is welcome to use Freeware actiTIME Server (actiTIME Basic) without being charged.

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