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Smart utility that lets you look up the expansion of a computer acronym.

What really is AcronymGenie?
AcronymGenie is a simple desktop program that lets you look up the expansion of a computer acronym, abbreviation or initialism using an offline database. Simply type the first few letters of the acronym or abbreviation you are looking for and the list of acronyms will narrow down to a more specific list until you have a match.

The AcronymGenie database covers most of the computer-related fields including information technology, Internet, chat, programming, software engineering, networking, hacking, graphics, multimedia, audio, video, telecommunications, electronics, embedded systems etc.

AcronymGenie lets you search the database with full reverse lookup facility that supports wildcards. This allows you to search by acronyms as well as by keywords that appear in the expansions. The anagrammatic search capability proves handy when you don't remember the exact sequence of the letters in an acronym.

The Help file explains all the features of the program in detail. You will find here a concise description of how to use the database and its multiple search functions. The included glossary explains terms like acronym, abbreviation, initialism, expansion and recursive acronym. A list of keyboard shortcuts is also provided.

AcronymGenie also has an integrated smiley dictionary, which can be easily accessed from the toolbar. This smiley dictionary consists of basic, common and less common smileys, all with explanations.

You can easily configure AcronymGenie to run automatically every time Windows starts.

Reasons to use AcronymGenie?

Most of us know what RAM and MB stand for, but what about RDRAM, PCMCIA and CMOS? How many computer users could expand these acronyms into words? Even if you can, remembering thousands of such expansions is next to impossible.

You just cannot get far if you are not up on the lingo. You might squeak by in your company of technological non-experts, but even some of them will surprise you. These days, technical acronyms quickly insinuate themselves into the vernacular, even up to the point that a simple casual technical conversation with a colleague or co-worker may become very embarrassing. So to ease up your ever-increasing frustration and for quick and easy reference AcronymGenie was released as freeware.

This elaborate collection of the most common computer and computer related acronyms and abbreviations represents well over six years of compilation. AcronymGenie is the best offline computer acronyms database available freely. It is a unique reference to facilitate the interpretation and identification of a multitude of complex technical terms and expressions. It is a must for every desktop.

I hope users will find this program handy as a reference program. By configuring it to run at startup, users will find it most helpful and informative.

How was AcronymGenie born?

I was extremely careful about noting down all the computer-related abbreviations I came across. Even before finishing my studies in Computer Science, I had noted down a huge number of abbreviations. In the beginning, I would pen them down in my diary whenever possible. However my diary soon started overflowing due to the sheer number of entries. Managing and searching through them was even more difficult. The only solution seemed to be a computerized custom database. That's how AcronymGenie was born!

The current database of several thousand entries is backed by more than six years of acronym hunting and compilation. It doesn't stop at that. The database is growing every day!

A lot of sincere effort and hard work has gone into making AcronymGenie what it is today.

About the AcronymGenie Database

The AcronymGenie database is a list of acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms gathered from various sources. It is not a dictionary or encyclopedia. Please keep the following points in mind:

The database is limited to acronyms of 20 characters in length with meanings of 250 characters or less. These limits may be extended in the future release of the database.
AcronymGenie does not use periods after each letter of an abbreviation. Don't include the periods when entering search terms, unless the acronym or abbreviation normally contains a period.
Multiple expansions have been provided wherever applicable.
US English spellings have been used. For example, signaling (signalling), tunneling (tunnelling), modeling (modelling), organization (organisation), standardization (standardisation), fiber (fibre), center (centre) and so on.
Objectionable words have been censored with asterisks (*). Read the Slang and Profanity section for more details.
Though it was originally compiled for the computer industry, a small number of abbreviations related to other fields might have crept in.
Many entries in the database are company-specific; such entries have been indicated by the company name at the end of the definition.
The entries in the database have been sorted alphabetically in ascending order on the abbreviation field. The conventional string-sort is used, instead of the Windows word-sort.
Sometimes it was not possible to verify which of different expansions for an abbreviation, available from various sources, was the right one. In most cases, all such expansions have been included in the database.
Presence of an acronym in the database is no evidence that the acronym is an accepted or standard term in its area. In particular, it should not be taken as an evidence of industry standard.
While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of the database, I assume no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained in the database.
I acknowledge all trademarks used in the database. I have endeavoured to provide trademark information about all companies and products mentioned in the database by appropriate use of capitals. However I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information.

Topics Covered by AcronymGenie

The AcronymGenie database attempts to cover most of the computer-related fields. However not all topics have been covered equally well and to the same extent. The main emphasis though is on Computer Science and Information Technology.

AcronymGenie covers the following areas to varying depths:

Computer Science
Information Technology (IT)
IT Enabled Services
Internet Lingo
Email and Chat Room
Computers and Programming
Hacker, Hacking and Cracking
Virtual Reality and Real-Time Systems
Software Engineering
Animation and 3D Modeling
Networking and Telecommunications
Electronics, Semiconductors and Cabling
Embedded Systems
Graphics and Compression
Automated Data Collection
Desktop Publishing and Video
Government and Military
ISO Country and Currency Codes

Installation Notes

Run the setup program to install AcronymGenie. Read the on-screen instructions and follow the steps to complete the installation. Unless you have a reason to override the defaults, it is recommended that you accept the installation default settings. Just press OK, Yes, or Next, as appropriate.

After installation is complete, one or more shortcuts to the AcronymGenie executable file are created in the Start menu, on the desktop and in Quick Launch depending on the options you select during the installation process. You can launch the program using any of these shortcuts.

To uninstall the program, simply go to Windows Control Panel, double-click on Add/Remove Programs and select AcronymGenie from the list and click on the Add/Remove button. You can also click the "Uninstall AcronymGenie" shortcut in the Start menu.


Typical Win98 or higher machine with VB 6 runtime files installed

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Our editors will test this application periodically to assure that it remains clean.
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