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100% Clean Award for Data Eraser Software

Antivirus Report

Engine version:
Total virus-finding records: 2504509
File size: 4.39 MB
File MD5: 3da3e8c2d660dd5f53a2cd729e010eb6 - archive INNO SETUP
> - Ok
> - Ok
> - archive BINARYRES
>> - Ok
>> - Ok
>> - Ok
> - Ok
> - Ok
> - Ok
>{app}\license.txt - Ok
>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.exe - archive ZLIB
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.exe/data001 - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.exe/data002 - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.exe/data003 - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.exe/data004 - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.exe/data005 - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.exe/data006 - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.exe/data007 - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.exe/data008 - Ok
>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.exe - Ok
>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm - archive CHM
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/#IDXHDR - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/#ITBITS - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/#STRINGS - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/#SYSTEM - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/#TOPICS - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/#URLSTR - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/#URLTBL - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/$FIftiMain - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/$OBJINST - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/$WWAssociativeLinks/Property - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/$WWKeywordLinks/Property - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Configure Log Settings .html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Configure Software Settings .html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Copyright.html - archive JS-HTML
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Copyright.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Create Task for Shredding .html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Creating and Managing File Shredding Task .html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Disclaimer.html - archive JS-HTML
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Disclaimer.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Execute the Task Manually .html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Free Trial Download.html - archive JS-HTML
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Free Trial Download.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Add---Remove--Files---Folde.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Add-Modify-Task-Button.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Add-Task--1.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Add-Task--2.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Add-Task--3.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Add-Task--4.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Add-Task--5.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/arrow-nxt.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/arrow-prev.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Banner.jpg - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/bg_bot1.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Browse-Button.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/CenterImage.jpg - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/delete-filter-button.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/File-Folder-Tool-Bar.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Hard---Disk---Tool---Bar.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Help-Menu.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Help-Tool-Bar.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Home-Tool-Bar.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/insert-filter-button.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Left---Pane.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/line.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Load---Button.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Modify-Task-1.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Modify-Task-Schedule-1.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Modify-Task-Schedule-2.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Move-Filter-Down-Button.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Move-Filter-Up-Button.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Recycle-Bin-Tool-Bar.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Remove--Button.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Remove-All-Button.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Remove-Task-1.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Remove-Task-2.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Remove-Task-Button.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Remove-Task-Schedule-1.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Remove-Task-Schedule-2.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Right---Pane-1.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Right---Pane-2.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Run-Now-1.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Run-Now-2.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Run-Now-Button.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Save-Button.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Schedule-Task-1.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Schedule-Task-2.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Schedule-Task-3.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Schedule-Task-4.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Schedule-Task-5.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Schedule-Task-6.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Setting-Tool-Bar.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Settings-1.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Settings-2.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-Button.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-Files-1.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-Files-2.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-Files-3.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-Files-4.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-Files-5.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-Files-6.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/shred-files-7.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-Free-Disk-1.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-Free-Disk-2.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-Free-Disk-3.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-Free-Disk-4.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-Menu.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-Recycle-1.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-Recycle-2.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-Recycle-3.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-Recycle-4.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-Recycle-5.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-system-file1.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-system-file2.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-system-file3.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Shred-system-file4.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/shred-useless-1.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/shred-useless-2.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/shred-useless-3.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/shred-useless-4.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/spacer.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Start-Scan-Button.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/System-Files-Tool-Bar.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Task-1.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/Useless---Tool---Bar.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/images/View-Menu.gif - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/index.html - archive JS-HTML
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/index.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Install.html - archive JS-HTML
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Install.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Introduction to Kernel File Shredder.html - archive JS-HTML
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Introduction to Kernel File Shredder.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Key Features.html - archive JS-HTML
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Key Features.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Left Pane.html - archive JS-HTML
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Left Pane.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/License Agreement.html - archive JS-HTML
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/License Agreement.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Managing Tasks Schedule.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Menu Bar.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Modify Shredding Task .html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Modifying Tasks Schedule .html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Purchase and Register.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Remove Shredding Task .html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Removing Scheduled Tasks .html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Right Pane.html - archive JS-HTML
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Right Pane.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Scheduling Task .html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Select Default Shredding Method .html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/SetRemove Application Access Password .html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Shred Files and Folders.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Shred Free Disk Space .html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Shred Recycle Bin.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Shred System Files .html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Shred Useless Files .html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/stylesheet.css - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Support.html - archive JS-HTML
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Support.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/System Requirements.html - archive JS-HTML
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/System Requirements.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Table of Contents.hhc - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/table-of-contents.html - archive JS-HTML
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/table-of-contents.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Toolbar.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Trademarks.html - archive JS-HTML
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Trademarks.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Understanding Shredding Algorithm.html - archive JS-HTML
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/Understanding Shredding Algorithm.html - Ok
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/UnInstall.html - archive JS-HTML
>>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm/UnInstall.html - Ok
>{app}\Kernel File Shredder.chm - Ok
>{app}\Removejob.exe - Ok
>{sys}\gdiplus.dll - Ok
>{app}\OpenFolder32.dll - Ok
>{app}\OpenFolder64.dll - Ok - Ok
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